Pricing Plans

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  • Hosted Payment Pages (?)
  • Charge Aggregation (?)
  • Community Support (?)
  • Well Documented API (?)
  • Custom Email Templates (?)
  • Accept PayPal (?)
  • Accept Credit Cards (?)
  • Elevated Email Support (?)
  • Gateway Included (?)

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unlimted testing, integration

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PayPal Only

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per month

$0.25 per transaction

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Perpetual Discounts

Annual Discount

Our monthly price is very competitive, but if you want an even better deal you can pre-pay for a year and get a 10% discount on your subscription, and 5% discount on all transactions. Transaction fees are charged monthly.

Gateway Discount

The Blowing Up plan includes a live credit card gateway. This represents a significant cost savings, as gateway costs average $40 per month for, along with average transaction fees of $0.15. CheddarGetter includes this for free.

Volume Discount

If your transaction volume exceeds 5,000 per month, discounts are available by request.

Support Levels

PayPal Plan Support

Subscribers on the PayPal Only plan receive support through our active community forums, and have full access to the Knowledge Base.

Blowing Up Support

Subscribers on the Blowing Up plan receive elevated email support from the CheddarGetter support team, as well as access to the community forum and Knowledge Base.

Additional Support

If further support is needed, we offer a priority support package including phone support that is available by request.