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Overview & Terminology

Cheddar's modern approach to billing makes integration fast and isolates billing changes from the codebase. Below is a brief overview of how Cheddar works.

Tracked Items

Cheddar tracks usage with simple counters we call tracked items. These items are typically updated throughout the billing period. You decide if you want to bill for these tracked items later.

Pricing Plans

A Pricing Plan is an interchangeable set of rules that your team defines in Cheddar. These rules dictate how often and how much to charge a customer based on their tracked item usage and subscription level.


When a bill is due, Cheddar applies the rules from a customer's pricing plan to their tracked item usage data, dynamically generating an invoice.


This invoice then transacts using our built-in credit card processing or can be sent to an external system. Money is deposited in your bank account.

Recurring Billing

Cheddar automatically repeats this process, providing revenue optimization, customer communication and SaaS reporting in the background.

API Reference