Recurring Billing Examples: CheddarGetter Customers

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Why Perkville chose CheddarGetter

The founders of San Francisco based Perkville felt there was a gap in retail customer loyalty programs.

Current programs required too much friction: downloading an app, pulling out a card, or using a printout. Perkville’s application requires none of these and allows merchants to provide a virtual rewards program exclusively through a customer’s email. The entire interface runs on an in-store tablet (i.e. iPad), or can be easily integrated into a pre-existing point of sale system.

Perkville’s billing model required an application that would allow for segregated monthly billing plans, flexibility when capturing payments, free trials, and most importantly, metered billing. Additionally, since Perkville would be managing both its merchants’ accounts and its merchants’ customers’ rewards accounts, a recurring billing platform was required that could scale indefinitely.

While CheddarGetter offers all of these features and more, Perkville chose CheddarGetter specifically for its robust metered billing capabilities. The loyalty program provider offers four different monthly billing plans, each with a different limit on monthly transactions. Once merchants exceed the allotted monthly limit, they are billed on a variable, per-transaction basis until the monthly cycle resets. By using CheddarGetter’s recurring billing platform, Perkville has been able to track transactions and bill its clients for continued profitability.

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Why chose CheddarGetter

Istanbul based is no ordinary cloud storage company.

While current web-based applications allow you to upload files and access them remotely, will retrieve the file for you from the internet and store it in the cloud, completely bypassing your local hard drive and placing them into a user-friendly internal interface. The service automatically fetches new RSS feed subscriptions, and even allows you to share your content with your friends.

Frustrated with previous attempts to integrate a recurring billing system with their segmented billing strategy, the founding team at needed a billing platform that would work consistently across multiple payment types, conform to international standards, and provide great technical support. Their previous system’s API was difficult to manage and was slowing down their scaling process. They decided it was time to find a platform that would work seamlessly behind the scenes and let them focus on scaling their business.

Hasan Yalçınkaya, a co-founder of the cloud storage company said:

The first thing I noticed was the rich forum community and great technical support. That was one of the things that really drew us to CheddarGetter.

Beyond the core product, CheddarGetter’s forums are available to discuss and answer questions that a developer may have regarding the recurring billing API, merchant accounts, and billing integration. CheddarGetter is also the premiere recurring billing platform that supports international clients while maintaining a simple, easy to integrate system.

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Why chose CheddarGetter is a Canadian SaaS company that offers a reliable solution for fast, accurate and reliable medical billing.

Their software automates the billing process while giving physicians the ability to track their medical billing information over the internet. It touts the easiest to use interface in the industry and uses data encryption to ensure that all information remains safe and secure.

When changing recurring billing providers, needed a solution that would be easy to implement and avoid interrupting current operations. Of course, it had to conform to the current pricing scheme and allow for future customization.

CheddarGetter proved to be the perfect solution for All previous data were effortlessly imported into the new system without any interruption to operations.

Paul Shortt, the Chief Technology Officer of MDBilling, remarked:

When we decided to switch billing providers, we expected a ton of work on our end. However, the amount of work required was actually very minimal, which was a relief.

Switching proved to be very easy and allowed the staff to focus on running their medical billing business, while allowing CheddarGetter to take care of their own billing details.

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Why Qvivo chose CheddarGetter

QVIVO allows users to effortlessly build their own personal media cloud.

Add a movie, song, or TV show on your smart-phone and you can quickly access it from your tablet or computer and vice versa. The library is seamlessly kept in sync across all devices, allowing you to pause a song on your computer in one room and continue it on a tablet in the next.

Hong Kong based QVIVO was founded by Liam McCallum, the former online technology director for Electronic Arts Asia, and Jon Niermann, former president of Walt Disney Asia and Electronic Arts Asia. With a significant portion of customers outside of the United States, the founding team was hard pressed to find a solution that could fit their requirements while offering segmented billing.

Liam McCallum, the founder of QVIVO explained:

CheddarGetter was an attractive solution because it was easy to set up and we were able to get moving quickly.

With an easy to use API, the CheddarGetter team was able to solve QVIVO's international compliance problem while offering the cloud media company competitive rates for their segmented billing strategy.


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