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What We Do

CheddarGetter was created with one goal in mind, to make a simple, flexible and robust recurring billing system to make managing your customers easy and painless.

CheddarGetter provides a full-featured, easy-to-use billing and recurring subscription management system so you can accept and track one-time charges and recurring payments.

CheddarGetter is built organically with a small team of dedicated local developers. We are an end-to-end billing system that grows with your company.

Our growth is based on the reputation and power of our product, not on marketing dollars. We've built a sustainable company, and we're proudly profitable.

Why We Do It

We've been in your shoes. We know how hard it is to get started, and we've been through the pains of growth. We just want to take away the pain point of billing and customer management, so you can focus on your core business.

Who We Are

We're not a startup trying to find a niche market and an exit strategy, we're a sustainable company that was built by people who are completely immersed in the world of online billing, and aren't going anywhere.

Marc Guyer

Founder & CEO Marc Guyer has over 10 years of experience in Saas recurring payments and subscription management. He believes that recurring billing technology should be simple and efficient to use. His goal is to create a way for users to customize their billing practices to an extent that makes running a business quick and painless. Marc is also a Cofounder of SproutBox.

Adam Quirk

Marketing Director Adam Quirk has been working with new media and web businesses for over 10 years. He worked with multinational corporations through a digital agency he founded in NYC, as well as smaller web startups in every field imaginable. He brings to the table a deep knowledge of web marketing and business strategy, as well as a fondness for elegant usability and customer onboarding.

Kacey Martin

Kacey Martin, Service Team Leader. I must say that I'm all about helping people, though the guys may say I just like to give them a hard time. I just say it's helping them be a better person. Ever since middle school I've been trying to lend a helping hand. I organized a can food drive for my middle school, in high school I was a part of Peer Helpers, a group of students available to listen and help their peers in anyway possible, and in college I was a volunteer assistant coach for the Richmond High School girls tennis team.

Mike Trotzke

Mike Trotzke, Managing Partner. Mostly, I'm into building things: companies, web apps, consensus, relationships. I've been lucky to do a lot of what I like. I started my first company while in college. Spun off another one and sold it to a large company. Before that, I traveled around making audio recordings of marching bands and did media for political campaigns. I've had fun making money.

Brad Wisler

Brad Wisler, Managing Partner. A few years ago, I got the idea that an internet company should actually make money. That one stalked me for about 8 years. I failed at making this one reality on several occasions, but I couldn’t prove it wrong, so I kept at it until Resite Information Technology took off. We founded Resite to help connect property managers (an old school bunch) with their customers (a pretty savvy bunch). This turned out to be a good enough idea that somebody bought it from us.


We are also super lucky to work with a small team of awesome developers, designers, and interns. We're very grateful for their help! If you are interested in working with CheddarGetter, please get in touch:

How We Do It

CheddarGetter is a "home sprout" affiliated with SproutBox in Bloomington, IN, a venture capital firm that invests talent in startup companies with high growth potential in exchange for equity. SproutBox quickly moves startups to revenue stage and CheddarGetter plays a large role in that endeavor.

In The News


"CheddarGetter has made billing for SaaS solutions simple. Previously we've had to build our own consoles for managing customer billing information, payment processing, and pricing, but with CheddarGetter it was plug & play. Regardless of what technology you use, CheddarGetter's APIs have got you covered"Ed Buchholz , Confer

"Another client & another plan added to my @cheddargetter today. And I did it all in 5 mins. Incredibly intuitive & quick that CheddarGetter"@ryanboylston

"@cheddargetter, the service I've been searching for! Finally, a billing service that works more like the applications developers create."Stephen Rhyne

"Just impressed by @cheddargetter again. Got a reply and fix to a minor bug with their API within 30 minutes."
Sean O'Connor